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I love when people ask me what I do, ’cause I don’t “work” anymore –  I live my passion, instead… 

It’s like magic!   Chronic pain – gone!   Emotional trauma – eliminated!  I teach healing

Most everyone has something in their past that they wish hadn’t happened.  Imagine what it would be like to get rid of that, without ever speaking a word about it — content free.  I watch people become free in their lives, every day!  It’s a beautiful thing!

This site is dedicated to helping you gain the easy understanding of how our bodies produce pain, discomfort, anxiety, distress, and other forms of dis-ease when something inside needs attention.  Comfort, health, and wholeness can be yours quickly and easily, once you understand that all emotions and sensations are produced completely inside of you.  Seriously!  It really can!

Through these pages you will find instruction, guidance, references and resources for taking control of your internal response system.  With proper use of these tools, you should be able to reduce, release and replace emotional and physical symptoms of pain, hurt, panic and anxiety with the natural states of peace, happiness and joy that you were meant to experience in life.  I’ve done it in my own body, and I’ve helped hundreds of others achieve the same relief.  I love it!!

Sarah on her 19th Birthday


Click on this link below to view my interview with
Ireland’s lead
practitioner, Deirdre Maguire:

After the Wreck, My Daughter Was Broken



You will also find sources for increasing your learning in the areas of emotional and physical healing, and for overcoming addictive behaviors through the use of wellness practices and healthy habits — including the self practice tool of Faster EFT Tapping, the process of Maximized Healing ™ and through building Enhanced Life Skills ™ for stress free living.  

Contact information and links to private sessions with Director and Wellness Practitioner Lura J. Owen are also within.

Our goal is to invite you in for learning, and have you leave with healing practices and tools that guide you into an abundant life of wholeness, personal power, peace and self-control over emotional distress and pain.

Feedback is always welcome, and questions are answered as time allows, so please ask.  Just click the “Contact Me” button at the top of this page.

Once again, welcome to our site, built with you in mind as a safe place to begin your healing journey.  

I love my life, and I want you to love yours, too.

So, come on in.  It’s time to begin.

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Healing Arts Therapist since 1994

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